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A Well Trusted & Popular Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Pune.

     We are aggressively and priorly treating the patients suffering from all types Cancer diseases, Kidney diseases, Diabetes and HIV-Aids by providing you a rare herbs and plants medicines for recovery from diseases. Because of our Ayurvedic treatments and Unique healing techniques, there are number of victims or patients are recovered from diseases and the recover patients are living their happy and healthy life with families. We are providing a 100% rare and traditional herbal medication with proper balance diet to our patients and 24*7 hours assistance by our well qualified health counselors and doctors. We are also provides our Ayurveda treatments at different regions in India as well as all over the globe.

Unique and Innovative work by Vishwachaitanya Dham Wellness Center.

       We are mostly used our unique Ayurvedic methods, medicines and Panchakarma remedies for the patients. Ayurvedic treatment focuses on eliminating toxins and boosting the internal immune system of the body. The treatments are designed for duration of 7 days - 14 days - 21 days or few months which varies according to the individual. The intense Procedure of panchakarma is designed for purifying and cleansing the whole body releasing the toxins and impurities.

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