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Type 1 Diabetes

     The primary cause of type 1 diabetes is not known. However, in this condition, the immune system can start attacking the insulin-producing cells present in the pancreas. As a result, the insulin levels in the body can drop dramatically.This increases the blood sugar level in your bloodstream. It’s said that type 1 diabetes can crop up because of a mix of susceptibility and various environmental factors. However, being overweight is not considered a reason for type 1 diabetes.Apart from that, lack of insulin production also results in type 1 diabetes. Insulin is an essential hormone secreted by the pancreas (gland). It also helps lower the blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar is high, the pancreas secretes more insulin to maintain the sugar level. In a diabetic condition, the insulin secretion goes down. As a result, sugar levels go up. So, primarily, lack of insulin production is the reason that causes diabetes. However, there are other conditions that can trigger this condition

Type 2 Diabetes

      Prediabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes. However, in this condition, your cells can become resistant to insulin and its actions. Also, as the pancreas cannot create insulin, your body may find it challenging to overcome this resistance. While the actual cause of type 2 diabetes is uncertain, its condition,believed to crop up because of genetic and environmental reasons. Unlike type 1 diabetes, being overweight is a primary reason behind type 2 diabetes. However, everyone who has type 2 diabetes is not overweight

Gestational Diabetes

      This is an affliction of pregnant women. Some women’s bodies may not be able to produce enough insulin at the time of pregnancy and therefore they have excess sugar in their blood stream. It usually resolves after pregnancy but increases the risk of the mother and the child having diabetes later on in life. Gestational diabetes can cause complications for both the mother and the child